Thursday, December 25, 2008

Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner

Rick Warren's gospel preaches that one can hate the "sin" of homosexuality while still loving the gay person. Obama says that as a gay man, I should reach out to Rick Warren. Forgive him the sin of punking my people before the world while still loving him.

Yeah, sure.

Lets face it - sin is something you do. It isn't something I do. Examine closely and you will see that this is true for you as well. Sin is something I do. It isn't something you do.

That's how it is, Rick. If I weren't a sinner, you couldn't preach.

How about "Forgive the sin, love the sinner?"

I'll forgive you for preaching if you'll forgive a tenth of the world's life forms for being gay.

1500 species, Rick, 1500 species. All committing the "sin" of laying with one another when they are the same.

Think of it. 1500 species.

"Then you come to the photograph of the whales “penis fencing” above which hang — for no apparent reason — two actual whale penises, both several feet long and looking like stretched and desiccated turnips. Some of the male whales meet year after year, says Bockman, while their relations with females are fleeting at best."

Think of it.

"A model — the one that invariably draws most giggles from the exhibition’s younger visitors — shows a male Amazonian river dolphin penetrating another’s blowhole. “This is the only example of nasal sex we have in nature,” Brockman observes."

Think of it, Rick. Think hard.

The brain rewards itself for repeating a sequence successfully. It gives itself a little hit of dopamine. So we become addicted to our conclusions. It's fun to play our tapes.

Rick Warren's mindset may prove easier to correct than my genes. Putting people down so you can raise them up in your own image is a sin he could consider losing.

Think of nasal sex, Rick. It will all seem forgiveable.


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