Monday, December 29, 2008

The Logic Of A Literalist

It's not enough to call Rick Warren a purpose-driven blowhole. He who crucifies my people deserves more of a stretch. He supports Uganda's criminalization of gays.
Dr Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right. "We shall not tolerate this aspect at all," Dr Warren said.
Why does he joust at windmills? We windmills are here for a purpose.

Rick Warren's thoughts, on close examination, become very interesting. A little breeze can do them no harm.

With thanks to Wonkette, here he is, complaining about the blogs that persecute him...

(He should go to the blogs that persecute him and leave some comments. Then they would know that they have readers...) (Play it first with the sound off and watch his face. You will begin to see the nature of the problem.)

Rick Warren says - at 02:47 in the tape - "Now, you know, I believe the Bible teaches that God created sex exclusively for marriage between a man and a woman. That means I don't believe in premarital sex, I don't believe in adultery. I believe that man... God... created sex to be exclusively a marriage connection between a man and a woman..."

Uh... not between a bull and a cow? ONLY between a man and a woman? Rick, you demonstrate the power of the believer to believe. You must know in your heart of hearts where hamburgers come from. But belief enthralls your mind.

Of course, if God created sex only for the purpose of connecting a man and a woman in marriage - then God invented marriage. The implication deduces itself.

Except that swans mate forever, and a fifth of their pairings are gay. Many, many animal species bond in marriage. Ours is only one of them. We solemnize it legally and religiously so it is known before all, but so do the birds.

Data that contradicts a conclusion at hand is always damning. Attachment to such conclusions after their falseness has been proven further damns those who continue to preach the conclusions. Damnation is near at hand, Rick. In Dan Savage's column, "Saddleback" is about to join "Santorum" as something you really don't want to know about sex. The love-feast has only begun. Go overboard to attack a creative community and you can become a continuing source of art.

Darned they are with false thread, those who pick and choose who they hate from old books of ancient tribes, yes, they are darned, I say... They think they are holy, but they are darned.

If Jesus is your Life and your Redeemer, then sin is between you and Jesus. Forgiveness is between you and Jesus. The (well, one of many) gateway to God is between you and Jesus.

Homosexuality is a special gift that lets a person be in the world but not of it. Surely it must have come from God. Ask Jesus.

Rick is God's gift to man. To puzzle at and to unwind. Slowly and methodically.

This is not to deny that Rick Warren has done a wonderful amount of good in the world, helping people who cannot help themselves. He has made pro-active helping of those in need a standard part of the Protestant Christian tradition. He has helped millions, yet how many millions more has he hurt by denying them the rightness of their own relation with Jesus and with God?

Will his invocation of the Holy at Obama's inauguration be welcome to all people?


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