Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Eschew Ishness

President-elect Obama has introduced most of his cabinet to the country early on in the transition process. They are organizing their underlings. By Inauguration Day, all will be ready to land on the ground running.

On January 21st, the day after the Bush regime has ended, the whistle-blowing begins. Government staffers who have bit their tongues for long will release their stories. They will tell about the true shape and nature of the old regime. Crowds with torches and pitchforks may gather. The theater and drama of the last eight years will come to a denouement.

Obama's cabinet appears to be a crew of old hands. They are not major fundraisers, nor do they cloister with dark forces as did the departing Vice-President. They do not view politics as a team sport.

Will they be a "no-drama" cabinet? Will grandstanding be outlawed? Will they feel that they don't need to cop an attitude to look good?

Will Obama bring a politics free of artificial colors and flavorings?


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