Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obaman Ocean

A wave of committed voters, hardened by years of Bush regime 'sacrifices', gave their permission yesterday for a new era to begin.

The wave overflowed the voter suppression efforts of the Republicans.

It overflowed the fraud of false and slanderous messages spewed by the Republican Party. They confused their own faithful, that twenty-five percent of the population who truly believed that Obama was a muslim, by broadcasting endless TV commercials saying that he had spent twenty years listening to a screaming Christian pastor every Sunday. A Christian holiday. The party scrambled their message and broadcast their own confusion. And everyone knows that that pastor only screamed once or twice.

The Obaman Ocean overflowed K Street. Money from lobbyists no longer is needed to run for office. Congressmen no longer need to sell themselves to industry in order to win votes.

Obama's campaign connected people of like interest over the internet. Want to start a group like "Sudoku Players For Obama" ? Be his guest! Gather minds together and develop your Sudoku agenda. Let there be improved instruction about Sudoku in the schools and the teaching of Sudoku classes in prisons. Insert your agenda into the platform.

Want to buy a copy of his campaign organization software? He built his ground campaign using Microsoft's Net 2.0. The next version, Net 3.0, is just around the bend. Anticipate developers. Every dog-catcher will want one.

It's your world, now, people.


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