Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dust Settles

The dust from the mix-up between "no-drama Obama" and the heroic war victim candidate of the Republican party is slowly settling. Senator McCain is home in Arizona, driving his own car again. Alaska Governor Palin is back in Wasilla. The media, grasping at what straws remain of their campaign, has discovered that in her two month career on the campaign trail, Palin spent far more on clothes than the $150,000 previously reported. The IRS awaits.

And it appears that she thought Africa was a country, not a continent. A high school graduate!

McCain's slogan "Country First" somehow got turned into "Country First, Western Second" as their campaign fell from mottoes and sloganeering into a Grand Old Opry show starring Joe The Plumber. They fired their chief foreign policy advisor a week before the election for leaking to the press about splits in the campaign. Diva Palin was being ignored by the Presidential Candidate. A new slogan "Mac Is Back!" appeared. McCain had been here all along, but "Mac" was back? A hamburger? It worked for McDonalds... So now they are home.

The President-Elect has invited Rahm Emmanuel, head of the Democratic Congressional Caucus and Congressman from Illinois, to be his Chief of Staff. The President-Elect is getting his first intelligence briefing from the CIA, the same one the President gets. This will help make sure they are on the same track.

Soon they will take the President-Elect to Wilberforce Air Force Base and show him the little bodies of victims of a strange wasting syndrome that are presented to visiting dignitaries as space aliens recovered from saucer crashes. This display has altered world history. Perhaps it will again.

Meanwhile on 53rd Street in Hyde Park, 30 feet of sidewalk have become devoted to Obama t-shirt sales. A policeman directs traffic at the corner. Inside the Valois, Channel 7 is interviewing four black guys sitting at a table. The place where Obama gets his shoes repaired is just up the street.


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