Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doubling Down On Obama

The McCain campaign, having determined that negative campaigning isn't working very well, has decided to double the intensity. Robocalls are assaulting the electorate with lies and innuendos. McCain and Palin accuse their opponent of terrorism. Surrogates call him a socialist, a communist.

Meanwhile, the e-mails from the Obama campaign invite the reader to contribute toward ending the slew of slime. They don't attack McCain's person, his associates, or his personal history. When his supporters boo McCain's name, Obama tells them to forget booing - get out there and vote.

So I contributed.

Five dollars at first. Then fifteen, because it was the end of the month and it was matched by some other donor's giving.

When the slime worsened into bullying, I contributed thirty. This voter remembers a painful childhood.

Keep it up, McCain. I'll send them sixty.


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