Sunday, September 14, 2008

Will Sarah Give The Money Back?

Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor and the Republican candidate for Vice President, is sitting on $73 million American taxpayer dollars. Will she give it back?

$73 million American taxpayer dollars.

She claims that she herself killed the "Bridge To Nowhere" - the famous "I told Congress thanks but no thanks" claim. But she kept the money. She still has $73 million of it.

The Alaskan treasury had so much money this year that Sara sent a second bonus check to all Alaskans. Alaska obviously doesn't need our $73 million.

Will she give it back?

A further consideration. Would she even have given Alaskans that extra check if she didn't have the federal "bridge" money sitting in the bank? Reallocation of funds happens.

Did the pork pie in the treasury pay for the handout?

She has $73 million left. Will she give it back? Or is she saving it for next year's handout?

America needs these taxpayer dollars. Hurricane victims more so than Alaskans.

Will she give it back?


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