Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama Waits As Storm Recedes

Senator Obama cancelled his appearance on Saturday Night Live last night due to concern over Hurricane Ike, which is despoiling Texas. He has been mostly out of the news lately, as one hurricane after another - not to mention the Palin phenomenon - captures the news cycles.

He appears to be meeting with smaller groups where people have a chance to ask questions, building his campaign on the grassroots level as the Northern Lights fill the sky. After decades of campaigns that used the airwaves to capture voters, Obama appears to be using people-to-people interaction even more.

He has been chastised by his flock for not baring teeth and drawing blood. Perhaps he feels that the internal contradictions in the McCain campaign will dent it enough to make the candidates unattractive. Biblical wisdom. Pray that light illuminate the struggle between fact and fict.

Doesn't keep him from listing the contradictions.


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