Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain in Shame

He could not look into his opponent's eyes.

Most people have had the experience of not wanting to look in someone's eyes. We know what he was feeling.

As Senator Obama explained lask night how his fiscal plan would raise taxes on only the richest 5 percent of Americans, Senator McCain gripped the lectern tensely. Perhaps he saw millions of dollars in campaign funds spent on ads telling voters quite the opposite go floating down the river. Followed by his donors on horseback.

As Senator Obama maturely and with gentle humor countered Senator McCain's interruptions and his running on and on, McCain was enclosed and lowered.

As Senator Obama caught Senator McCain in mis-statements again and again, McCain's view of truth was exposed. Obama stood tall.

How must Senator McCain have felt?

Senator Obama agreed many times with Senator McCain. Having done so, when he then said "That's just not true" about a McCain mis-statement, he stood on a sound footing he had made. He agrees on the facts. He only has problems with the non-factual statements. The facts please? Can we determine the facts? Can we discuss what is real?

In defining the base on which they agreed, Senator Obama forced the focus to their differences.

Senator McCain talked to the crowd.

Couldn't look him in the eye.


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