Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain Campaign Kneejerks

A hallmark of the McCain campaign is that they have telegraphed their supposed weaknesses.

Perceiving correctly that their man, married to an heiress with 7 houses, could be seen as a bon vivant if not a boy-toy, they attacked their opponent for being elite.

This naturally led to the fact of the seven houses being exposed.

In her acceptance speech for the vice presidency and probable future presidency, Sarah Palin described herself as no different from a bulldog with lipstick.

When Senator Obama later used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" to describe how the McCain campaign paints over their similarities to the Bush administration, the McCanians blew up They ignored the words that preceded "lipstick on a pig" and accused Obama of calling Palin a pig with lipstick. How dare he! Any mention of lipstick now apparently refers to their candidate...?

So, is Palin a pig with lipstick? The world is checking this out.

The very idea that Obama would call a beauty contest winner a pig seems unlikely. Indeed. She's not a pig, she's a beauty contest winner, everybody! She's lipstick, if anything. Obama would not have called a beauty contest winner a pig. The very idea is all so unlikely.

McCain's target voters will probably understand what Obama really said, now that they've heard the whole text repeated twenty times.

The McCain folks should have thought this one out a little better.

Ninnies appear to be spinning.


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