Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain Campaign Is Reining In The Palin

Perhaps she's just there to look pretty. Sarah Palin, the Vice-Presidential nominee of the Republican Party - the lady who must be ready on day two to be President of the United States - has been cloistered by her campaign. Not allowed to speak freely.

After last Friday's first debate, the Democratic Party's veep candidate, Joe Biden, was everywhere, commenting on the debate. Sarah was nowhere. She had been invited. She just didn't show. Supporters complained.

Her three public interviews since the conventions have been critically received. The stumbling sentences with which she described how Russia's nearness to Alaska gave her foreign policy experience haunt her supporters. Will she be ready on Day Two?

The "troopergate" investigation will be issuing a report in October on her misuse of government powers in Alaska. Palin may be imperiled. Her daughter may marry her baby's daddy in October, say the Brits.

Perhaps believing that less news is better news, the McCain campaign is holding her away from the press as best they can, shielding her from questions.

Meanwhile, some light has been shed on Senator McCain's state of mind at the first debate. He was apparently inwardly furious. It appears that at the White House gathering specially intended to add McCain's signature to the bailout plans, he was asked his opinion on some of the alternatives by Senator Obama. And he could think of nothing to say. Senior moment.

He may also have realized that the bailout is a gross attempt to pull money out of the till before a new president takes power, and that Republicans doing this assume the winner will not be him.


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