Friday, September 05, 2008

Kronecker's Delta Meets Three-Valued Logic

Ranking stocks tonight, I find myself realizing that that price range between the "sell" level and the "buy"level is called the "hold" area. Having "hold" in the value system keeps the mind from hair-trigger thinking. Sort of like the three-valued "accept - tolerate - reject" system. Or the three bears porridge choices.

I think this is called three-valued logic. Usually the middle ground denotes an uncertain area, rather than a mediated space.

The Kronecker Delta function - that if B is false when A is false and B is true when A is true, then the Kronecker (B, A) is true - extends in three-valued logic: If you and I are both agreed about Heaven and are both agreed about Hell, then we can disagree on what lies in between and still be as one.


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