Saturday, September 13, 2008

Abused Newsmen Turn on McCain

The friendly relations with newsmen that presidential candidate McCain has enjoyed since the days when he welcomed them to bull sessions in the back of the "Straight Talk Express" are gone.

Angry at being seduced into promoting a person who increasingly appears to have lied and not wanting to be trapped in the tarpit, reporters have let the McCain campaign become worthy of questioning. Hard questions lie ahead.

The New York Times now questions his judgment in selecting Sarah Palin.

So does the Atlanta Constitution. The Wall Street Journal worries.

The assumption that one can successfully lie these days is a likely failing for a person trapped in the pre-computer age by keyboard illiteracy. McCain is not alone in his failure to realize that every word he has ever said before a camera is instantly available to the media.

Senator McCain has turned his press into surrogate opposition.


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