Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Judiciary Re-Convening? To Pull War Powers?

It's a three-part formula, like a one-two punch with a kicker.

First, George Bush threatens the Iraqis (see post below) that we will leave their beleaguered country if they can't come up with a status of forces agreement that lets us stay there past the UN's 12/31/08 deadline. If chaos descends, it will all be their fault.

The UN deadline is an immovable object.

Second punch - the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, John Conyers, appears to be calling his members back from summer vacation early. For Congressmen to lose vacation days during an election year suggests that they see major need.

Conyers' committee has recently been looking into Ron Suskind's new book, "The Way Of The World". This book tells how the White House had the CIA produce a forged letter that "proved" both that Saddam was linked to the 9/11 tragedy and that Saddam had acquired yellowcake uranium from Nigeria. All in one letter, by golly.

Both statements were, of course, untrue. They got a British hack journalist to publish it.

Bush then certified to Congress that his proof of links between Saddam Hussein and the terrorists who attacked us was real and that Iraq was a threat to our country. And Congress gave him war powers.


An impeachment would fail in the Senate - not enough anti-fraud votes. But Congress can still debate whether to withdraw war powers. In the middle of a Presidential election, oh yes.

It would be a logical and proper thing to do.

The third punch in the old one-two-three is the resignation of Pakistan dictator Musharraf. He has allowed our troops to tiptoe over his country's border-line and attack fundamentalist militias who have been using his border regions as a haven. A new democratically elected president who must be responsible to the Pakistani voices in the street may hesitate to allow this.

Already in Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent. More and more, we need more troops there. To maintain what has been achieved. Senator Obama observed this long ago. Bush may soon agree.

More troops needed in Afghanistan. To fight the Taliban. Must defeat America's enemies. Then cut grass in Texas.

It will be a strategic decision, the withdrawal from Iraq. It will make America stronger.


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