Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Veep Tango

Both presidential campaigns are now selecting their vice presidents. The Obama campaign's list has reportedly been shortened to three, the most probable of whom is the new Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine.

Obama-Kaine. For the nation's pain. Or perhaps...

Obama-Biden. Where hope is riding. Or

Obama-Bayh. In my eyeh. Obama-Sebelius. Rhythmic and generous.

ObamaKaine. When the previous administration really needs to go away. Senator McCain would have his very name subsumed.

Meanwhile, Senator McCain has considered former Massachusetts governor Romney, Senator Lieberman, Minnesota's governor Pawlenty, and former Pennsylvania governor, Tom Ridge.

Will the Republican ticket be "M####n-##mn##"? Is this according to God? Or...

McCain-Lieberman. Two senators off on a spree, doomned from here to eternity. Or...

McCain-Ridge. It was a hard battle, the battle of McCain Ridge, but we lost it.

Senator Obama's team will probably make its selection just before the Olympics captures TV coverage. This will force McCain's people to make his choice later or compete with the Olympics.

As the election draws closer, the pool of available veeps for the probable loser may shrink to those not worthy to tie his shoes.

Just don't let the veep select himself.


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