Friday, July 25, 2008


One of the most lauded tenets of modern conservatism is the "trickle-down" principle - the idea that goodness trickles down from the accumulators of power and money to those of us who have little of either.

Government, the largest accumulator, acquires some our money and spends it to our benefit. The trickle-down theory tells it that a benefit to a bank benefits its shareholders, who then spend the money in ways that benefit everyone else. A flattened-out bank is of no use to anybody. It's rescue must therefore benefit everybody. So the government is now pumping them up. Although it would do good to first patch the holes. That would help to direct the trickle.

That is how it has been up till now.

Now... Internetted America - the digital "haves" - now form virtual networks of friends, develop goals, then actualize the virtual into real groups that meet over coffee or go for hikes.

By actualizing the virtual into the real, the Obama Campaign has created a "trickle-up" organization similar to the government. Money trickles upwards and power trickles downwards with this organization.

But what if the top loses touch with the bottom? It can happen.

Here's the answer. (It loads slowly, so be patient - they're new and small.)

The above example is hosted on a site called SaysMe. This site lets a person send a TV commercial of their choice to a small piece of the market, possibly just their neighbors. The donor can choose the market, focusing to as little as a few blocks. (They do not yet serve Hyde Park...)

Just as Skype used the internet to virtualize the telecom industry, sites like SaysMe virtualize the advertising industry. And close a major circle. They connect the consumer of commercials with the supply.

SaysMe has only a small stable of commercials to choose from now, but by election time it should have more. Former contributors to 527 groups can now buy the commercials themselves. Or create their own. SaysMe does require purchasers of a commercial to sign their message.

With SaysMe and their kind, both power and money trickle sideways.

I approve that message.


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