Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama Ends The War

Over the weekend, Senator Obama's visit to war-torn Iraq suggested by his competitor for the Presidency has produced stunning results. Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki, in an interview with Der Spiegel, said that he liked Obama's idea of a 16 month withdrawal timetable.

Someone in the White House must have said "See that everybody gets a copy of this" to an aide, who repeated that request to an intern, who passed it on to clerical for fulfillment. Because suddenly all the reporters on the White House mailing list were sent a copy of the Der Spiegel story. Ooops.

Suddenly the discussion has shifted from how long we will stay to how soon we will leave.

The Bush plan is for American soldiers to stay in Iraq until there's no dust left on the streets, so this acceptance by a trusted puppet of a plan for our departure has blown a hole in Bush's boat. For many that will be all right, because the boat was stranded anyway.

Immediately CENTCOM released a counter-story quoting leaned-on Iraqi spokesman that claimed a mis-translation of Maliki's words had occurred. This was then corrected again by Der Speigel to affirm Maliki's original understanding.

The question is no longer whether, but when.

To seal the deal, Senator Obama has told the Afghan government that we would send more troops to Afghanistan. We are getting out of Iraq so we can win in Afghanistan.

We're winning it for the Afghanis, just like we won it for the Iraqis.

Maybe the Afghanis will let us go home, too.


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