Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tornados in Tupelo

Tornados in Tupelo and mega-death in Myanmar.

Phase change. The winds are rising.

Icebergs now fall faster than ever at both poles. In the sea, dead spots are growing. The gift of carbon that our civilization has put into the sky is killing the world we have known.

At the same time that oil usage is killing the world, oil consumption is rising.

China went capitalist. Roads were built, cars were sold. China's rapid growth in oil consumption ensures that global warming will continue to worsen until finally somehow the windstorms and earthquakes disable the global warmers.

The wind is rising and will continue to do so.

Unprotected populations are at risk. Unprotective governments are at risk.

Lives lived closest to the Mennonite way may suffer the least, surviving as communities of families close to the land, able to self-govern.

Lateral connectors enable survival. When national governments fail to meet the common need, by intent or incompetence, people find people. Governments stumble, governments crumble.

The winds are rising.

Phase change.


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