Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Door Closes

Two under-reported events in recent weeks deserve closer scrutiny.

First, the White House has quietly removed a loophole from an executive order to war contractors that they should audit themselves. The loophole would have exempted contractors with more than $5 million in contracts. But that door is now closed.

All wartime contractors will now need to self-audit, make internal adjustments as needed, and be prepared for a more public examination if requested.

On the same day, presidential hopeful Barack Obama was asked whether he would go after departing Bush Administration leaders, were he to take office. He said that he would immediately look to see what is there, and if there appears to be anything illegal, then he would follow that out. But he would not go on a witch hunt.

Message: clean up your act, or we will.

Now that there will be audits by all of the war contractors, the candidates can start competing to explain how, as President, they will be most competent at recovering fraudulently taken money.

It's a slam-dunk.


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