Friday, January 18, 2008

Both White House Emails and Torture Tapes Now Missing

Not only were the torture tapes destroyed.

Now we learn that millions of White House emails, which normally would be archived with all the rest of the generated data, have been deleted, violating at least two federal statutes. What's worse, the White House spokesman denies that they ever existed!

The only copies of these emails would appear now to be in the hands of the original recipients or senders, people who may need to defend themselves by impugning their bosses.

Any exculpatory emails are gone.

What else is missing?

Easy to find the holes. Changes in data retention policy are not invisible.

Torture tapes, White House emails... What else? Where else has retention policy failed?

The system points the finger. Torture tapes, White House emails and.. and...

We're waiting. We need entertainment. The screen writers are on strike.

Torture tapes and White House, oh my.


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