Monday, November 05, 2007

The God Problem

Several recent authors have found it within themselves to doubt the infinity of the Infinite.

Whether God is as we say He is - there have been doubts. Most believers need faith to resolve the uncertainties hard-coded in the books they worship. To one who is unbooked, it can seem that God is everywhere we go, watching through our eyes, guiding our moves if we will let him - sort of like a brain. A moral, ethical brain.

Man has mental intelligence and has emotional intelligence. With this brain, he has ethical intelligence.

A brain that sees all I do and feel. A brain that guides me into wholeness.

The one thing most religions agree on is that God is infinite. No beginning, no end, no limit in space. Infinite in love and wisdom. Infinite in creative power. Infinitely caring, infinitely daring.

People know what infinite is. Suppose I hold one end of a rope in my hand. If, at any point on the rope, it goes on for another foot, it is infinitely long.

I could hold another rope in the other hand. Also infinitely long. And it needn't ever touch the first. I could hold a dozen ropes this way, an infinite... number of ropes. Well, if they were infinitely thin, I could. As they get thinner, I could hold more. And none of them ever needs to touch another.

Within my neck of the woods, I only need hold onto infinite ropes that stretch into your neck of the woods for me to think they're infinite. As long as they go beyond my neck of the woods, they're infinite to me.

And here is a problem of religion.

While God may in fact be infinite in an infinite number of ways, if that rope I'm holding ends ten miles down the road, how am I to know? It takes an infinite amount of time to measure an infinitely long rope.

Within the locale, the finite cannot be distinguished from the infinite. This lets scoundrels preach.

Can man even see a greater God than one made in his own image?


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