Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Thoughts For Senator Dodd

Senator and presidential candidate Chris Dodd has placed a temporary hold on the FISA bill and invites us to join his protest . Why protest? Well...

How does a torturer determine innocence? How can a torturer possibly protect the innocent? Yet, according to law so historic (I think) that it precedes this country, innocence must be presumed. This bill permits what the world calls torture.

Where records in a set each have caller and callee phone numbers, modern database software can easily construct the implicit contact trees that hide within the set. Ask an infosys guy for the SQL "English-like" statements that will do this - awareness of the ease of implicit tree extraction should be put on the record. A math/computer sci prof can describe the proofs and name the algorithms used in finding such trees. This bill permits the government to collect data that can be easily searched for contact trees.

There are so many ways we could improve this country. What if every homeless shelter had a wireless internet connection that kids with these minimal "One Laptop Per Child" $200 laptops could access to help their daddies find work?

The cost: $30/month per shelter. The initial hardware cost per shelter would be $200 or less for a modem and a wireless router. Runs itself. Cost per family, $200 for the laptop.

Give them a virtual home. It can help them make a real one.

Add Senator Dodd to your contact tree. The other candidates will be so jealous.


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