Sunday, September 30, 2007

A War on Bullying Can Free Us All

Terrorism is a kind of bullying. A Global War On Bullying would certainly include the Global War On Terrorism. If it doesn't bully.

Some people become terrorists because they have been bullied. Their father's land has been taken by settlers. American Indians had that problem. In their time, they terrorized the invaders just a bit. Maybe somebody killed their sister, or their mother. The natural urge to balance demands that they find vengeance. Bullying people raises their hackles, it does. It leaves scars that last a long, long time.

If people can stop bullying other people, maybe we can cut terrorism off at birth.

Some organizations terrorize to achieve their goals. The supposedly "black side" organization, Blackwater, appears to shoot its way through traffic jams. It represents America in Iraq. The taste we leave behind, is, for some people, their own blood.

We call it collateral damage. They may call it bullying.

Is there a cheaper way to go? Do we care?


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