Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Tip Of The Plank

Mr. Bush and his cohort are at the tip of the plank. They can walk no farther.

They have inserted the U.S. into a conflict that has been simmering for a thousand years. Presuming that only a win was possible, they used torture techniques worse than the Nazi leaders who were sentenced to death for torture at Nuremberg. They dare not now admit a loss.

So they must keep us there.

A fearful, antagonistic Iran is arming itself in anticipation of having to deal with the US aircraft carriers sitting in the Persian Gulf. We could bomb them. We could hurt them. But our troops could not secure their ground.

We demonstrate repeatedly that our modern hi-tech military is no match for low-tech garage-mechanic roadside bombs. Is a win ever possible against a population made resolute by torture?

The Iraq government is less stable day by day, unable to pass the oil exploitation agreement we were hoping to force on them. The Green Zone, in which we hoped to nurture our new friendship, is more and more frequently coming under bombardment. The supply lines for our presence there are increasingly frayed. Ever so slowly, our empire is crumbling into dust.

Would we have won the war if we hadn't tortured people?


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