Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Won The War, Lost The Occupation

Four years ago today, Mr. Bush, who occupies the office of the President, turned aside an aircraft carrier bringing war-weary sailors into San Diego just beyond view of the harbor so he could be photographed landing on it in a plane without the city in the background, as if the ship were still far out at sea.

He could have arrived by helicopter, but the plane was more photogenic. He jumped out of the plane wearing a sexy jumpsuit that emphasized his genitals - "codpiece" is the word - as if he himself were a fighter, rather than one who had walked away from his term of service.

He gave a resounding welcome to the heroes, a banner in the background reading "Mission Accomplished" provided by the White House, although they modestly denied it at first.

He had slowed the boat and extended the tour of duty of 5000 sailors by one day so he could sleep on their boat overnight, but they still applauded.

The war had been won. Mission Accomplished.

Then we stayed. And we stayed and we stayed.

And as we stayed, the country fell apart. For four years we have stayed, and our war of occupation has destroyed the country we had wanted to become our friend.

It has also destroyed our military, our financial health, and has just about destroyed the party that put Mr. Bush into office.

Won the election, lost the Presidency.


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