Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Transparency Corollary For Moore's Law

Moore's Law holds that the power of computing doubles every eighteen months to two years. This is not guaranteed to last forever, but it's been true for almost 40 years.

This means that for a given amount of money, you can buy twice the computer two years from now that you can buy today. Today in April, 2007, you can buy a dual processor cpu computer for $600 or so. Two years from now, a quad processor will almost certainly be available at the same price or lower.

Information flow seems to double every two years.

Does transparency double every two years?

Politicians who lie are being presented with the truth almost immediately these days. Distortions are under attack - "spinning" a story is no longer quite so honorable as it once was. Departures from the truth are becoming increasingly apparent, increasingly obvious.

If transparency is doubling every two years, then some politicians are in for a rough ride.


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