Thursday, April 12, 2007

So Much, So Soon

There's more happening these days than a person can keep up with.

In the smoke department, a big time source of interest is the firing of Don Imus from his morning MSNBC show and now possibly also his radio show for calling the Rutgers University female basketball team "nappy hoes". This is filling the news channels.

Hiding under the smoke is a remarkable story about how the Republican National Committee provided White House personnel with laptops that had RNC email accounts on them that could be used to bypass the official White House e-mail system. Archives of the RNC emails have now supposedly disappeared.

It appears that somebody decided that the fallout would be less if they scrubbed the archives than if the contents were known. The very existence of the RNC system at the White House appears to have violated a law about the preservation of records, so the Republican National Committee may have committed a federal crime.

But no files are ever totally scrubbed. Those who are living in the illusion that they have been scrubbed will live forever with the fear that suddenly someday, they may appear. Also, the scrubbing of the files will be examined as a destruction of official records. Who ordered that the records act be violated?

The Republicans running for President have begun all to develop little problems that may make them not the best contender for the candidacy. Candidates McCain and Romney earlier showed off their moral acumen by flip-flopping from their older, more liberal positions to embrace the ultra-conservative litmus tests of anti-abortionism and homophobia, throwing away the vote of everyone who has a gay family member or is pro-choice..

And then Senator McCain, having claimed that Baghdad had been rendered so safe by our presence that an unprotected westerner could walk safely down the streets, decided to prove his point, So he walked down a Baghdad street wearing body armor, surrounded by a hundred troops, and with 5 helicoptors overhead. Although the armor would make him out to be a liar, he has persisted in saying that Baghdad is safe. By burning up his integrity, he has managed to drive his popularity far below the others.

Giuliani, who has refused to kow-tow to the ultra-conservatives, is now twice as popular as MKcCain, even though video of him in drag seems to be everywhere.

Democratic candidates are raising far more than the Republicans. The top two contenders, Obama and Clinton, were they to join their candidacies, would be assured of winning the elections.

So the Republican contenders are running for the candidacy, not the presidency. As their party goes to jail for trying to take over the country.

Attorney General Gonzales has left all day-to-day business to an assistant so he can concentrate on getting his testimony ready for Congress. He has to explain how he lied to them. Time magazine reports that he's hunkered down with his trainers. U.S. News And World Report reports that the trainers are getting sick of how Mr. Gonzales loses track of the story line.

Meanwhile, Monica Goodling, the liason between the White House and the Justice Department, the person who coordinated with the White House (RNC!) over requests for attorney firings, has quit her job. Kyle Sampson, Gonzales chief assistant, who implicated his boss in planning the attorney firings, will be returning to Congress tomorrow for a refresher interview. And subpoenas are flying. Congress wants to see everything.

The possibility of our invading Iran seems to be fading in the face of news about how our ground troops are depleted. The carriers we moved into the Gulf to threaten Iran now look more like emergency exit equipment for the worsening situation in Iraq.

Two suicide vests were found in the Green Zone a couple of days ago. Last night, one was exploded, killing two members of the Iraqi parliament. The security of the Green Zone has been breached.

Senators Feingold and Reid have introduced a bill to formally end the war in case Bush vetoes the troop funding bill that contained a withdrawal plan.


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