Saturday, April 28, 2007

Emancipate Guantanamo

The government owns us and we own it. So long as we own it, we are not slaves.

But how about people our government owns who do not own it? Are they slaves?

There are many kinds of ownership. Someone can own the mineral rights to your land, or the air rights overhead. Rental gives a person temporary ownership, the right of usage.

It seems like we have temporary ownership of the people held in Guantanamo. But since Bush rejects any attempt to put a time limit on our war, it looks like we may own them forever.

Isn't that slavery?

Others think so.

A commenter on the above writes:

"The thing about Guantanamo which I always found disturbing was the necessity for those incarcerated there, and for that matter those held at Diego Garcia, to kept completely incommunicado. I can see the purpose initially after they were captured perhaps, but in perpetuity?

What is the knowledge they have that requires them to be held in this fashion? I know, I know ... the War on Terror. But what purpose does it serve to so jealously guard these inmates? After all this time, what knowledge could they still have that is actionable? What knowledge do they have that makes them so dangerous? And, for that matter, dangerous to whom?"

Are they not slaves?


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