Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Armed Madness

Although the news is swamped with the Blacksburg berserker story, when the smoke clears we will learn that Congress suddenly finds itself well-armed for big bear.

Attorney General Gonzales' assistant Kyle Sampson has perjured himself before Congress in testimony contradicted by emails that have been released. Surely he's singing up a storm. Gonzales has lied to Congress and has some major finessing to do, as he views it. He's violated the Hatch Act as Congress views it. He has used the Department of Justice to affect elections.

The Albuquerque Journal two days ago published an article on how Senator Domenici had to go all the way to Karl Rove to get U.S. Attorney Iglesias fired because he wouldn't kowtow to election-year Republican demands. Had to go to the top, he did. Karl Rove.

A side-story yet untold is that a number of Senate Republicans in that one-vote minority are, like Domenici, at risk of early retirement. Who requested the other firings? Were they also complicit in using the Justice Department to affect elections?

On Thursday, Mr. Gonzales is going to go before Congress and attempt to prove that a person can both know his own innocence and forget his own acts. He has testified that he was not directly involved in the firing of the U.S. Attorneys. Now he must explain how he could possibly have forgotten the many meetings he attended on the subject. The many, many meetings.

Meanwhile, the White House is busy trying to figure out how they could possibly have deleted 5 million e-mails without someone hitting the "Delete" key. That would have been illegal.

Those who are so busy trying to forget the past - what kind of future can they have?

Yesterday Congress declared that the Department Of Justice is failing to respond to a subpoena for documents. That's pretty serious stonewalling.


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