Sunday, March 04, 2007

Look At You

Look at you. There you sit, eyes on the screen.

Inside, you can feel your feet touch the floor, your rump and your back touch whatever supports them. Your body breathes in and out. Now that you think of it, you notice it.

Makes you wonder what else you might notice. If you could put your attention to it.

Is the refrigerator on? Has the world been silent all this time? What is the flavor in your mouth? Is your tongue happy?

See how you are.

As you notice how you touch the floor, remember how the ceiling of the room has four corners. As you think of those corners, one by one, look down at the person on the floor.

Can you look down from all four corners at once at the person sitting there, reading away?

See the person sitting there. Eyes on the screen. Reading away. Such a small speck he is, in such a vast cosmos.

Look at you from above as you walk down the street. See the walker in his world.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Whatever you do with your brain, there the new brain cells grow. New discovery.

We were taught wrongly in high school Biology years ago, when they said that nervous tissue cannot regenerate. It can. The process is called neurogenesis. It happens where the brain is busiest. That's how barstool sports stats freaks become better and better at their chosen profession. That's how you grew the whole structure of what you think you are.

What would you like to become? Can you become something you cannot yet conceive? How can you reach beyond this limit?

"Seeing how you are" is a first step toward becoming pro-active. At first you just watch yourself from a higher place. But you can't help but feel responsible for what you see. Sooner or later, you act, and not in the usual way, but doing what is right for the larger cosmos in which you see yourself.

Such a small speck we are.


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