Monday, January 22, 2007

The Race Is On, The Mousetrap Sprung

Even before Mr. Bush has had a chance to deliver his views on the state of the Union, candidates for his office in the 2008 election are madly throwing their hats into the ring - 17 so far - and dominating the news. "It's all about issues and answers," said one candidate last night. Surely, Mr. Bush will be impelled to consider some of these issues in what he has to say tomorrow.

His actions in attempting to construct an imperial presidency are on the table, about to be dissected.

The results of his actions - 75 Iraqis killed yesterday, 300 so far today, and they could as easily have been American soldiers - are bloodying the screens of America. 27 American soldiers died over the weekend.

China has just shot down one of its own satellites, implying that it could shoot down our spy satellites as they fly over its land any time that it doesn't like how we are using them elsewhere. We use them to guide the war in Iraq. A US helicopter in Iraq has just been downed, probably by a shoulder-fired missile. A Chinese Silkworm?

China recently signed a $100 billion dollar oil and gas deal with Iran. Our threats to invade Iran may have persuaded them to harden their defenses. Given our stated invasive intent, it would be natural for them to want to extend their security perimeter to include satellite areas in Shiite Iraq, just as Russia cushioned itself with satellites. That way, any ground battle for Iran can take place in southern Iraq. Entrusting their neighbors with a few Silkworms to send the message of their new capabilities may have been Iran's first step. If they can fight the war over there in Iraq, they don't need to fight it on their home front.

Ground-to-air missiles in the hands of the Iraqi insurgents could bring down airplanes as they descend into the Baghdad airport. Condi Rice, our Secretary of State, has said that the war would be won on the streets of Baghdad, bringing up visions of a final defense of the road from the Green Zone to the airport. But if planes taking off are at risk of being taken down, then the mousetrap has sprung.

A kill zone has been constructed, and we are in it.

Tell us what you will do about that, Mr. Bush.


Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

Silkworms are not shoulder-fired.

A London paper reports that
Iran has sent 250 ground-to-air missiles to the Islamists fighting in Somalia.)

This is probably what's being delivered in Iraq as well.

10:41 AM, January 22, 2007  

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