Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New Strategy For Iraq

First, fulfill the pledge that we would never abandon Kurdish Iraq. They were abandoned before and suffered terribly. Fulfill the pledge by building housing resources in Kurdish Iraq that would allow us some withdrawal space from Southern Iraq if it really erupts. Nurture relations with the leaders. Honor their ways. Buy ourselves space and time. Learn their language.

Involve the State Department. Let our embassy in Turkey help carry messages between the Turkish leadership and the Kurdish leadership. Become of value to each side. At present they are at odds over oil in the Kurdish areas. There could be lots of negotiating to do, and there is a possibility of regional collaborations if we could help them begin to connect.

Similarly, from a vantage point in Kurdish Iraq we can develop a network of emissaries and connections that would let us communicate between any conflicting parties in Iraq. We would provide continuing connectedness. We would be the back door through which deals are worked out. We would know everything.

By being reconcilers, we would become friends to all concerned.

We would do the work of The Reconciler.


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