Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Iran Beckons

Iran, with nuclear Israel to the west and nuclear Pakistan to the east, has decided that they need to have a nuclear program as well and perhaps to build their own bomb.

We threaten them more loudly every day. We could bomb them, but we could not put boots on the ground. Moreover, Iran has electoral democracy. We could not engage them on the premise that we are building democracy. Iran had democracy under Mossadegh and we took it away, implanting the Shah. Khomeni's crowd restored it after downing the Shah. We could threaten to take it away again, but an implant would probably not succeed this time.

Iran can ensure that any ground war for Iran takes place in Iraq.

What's more, we could get stuck with the bill for our bull-in-a-china-shop diplomacy. You break it, you buy it. We have already broken too much. The bills for what we have already broken will be coming due for centuries.

Perhaps we can spend money in a different way?


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