Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From National Passions To Rational Nations

A change is in the wind.

Perhaps it is the Information Age that for the first time lets everyone see and judge the results of their acts. Perhaps it is the knowledge that truth must be spoken, if one is not to be found a liar. Perhaps because truth can be known universally, while passion can only be felt locally, truth and knowledge are replacing passion and faith.

Aging geezers remember the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Harmony and understanding. A rational humanism clears our path to mystic crystal revelation.

The Age of Pisces is at an end. Two thousand years of people who put fish stickers on the back of their car. By the power of faith, they can decide what to believe and make it stick. But why?

Why make up things anymore, when the truth is plain to see: the love we feel for one another is what is real.

Not everyone is yet loving. Some have suffered far too much. Some are still learning.

My neighbor is just another self. Every life I meet is just another one of my incarnations.

All most charmingly unique.


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