Friday, January 19, 2007

The Children Are The Future

At one point in her swearing-in as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi surrounded herself with children for a photo-op. Message: "The Children Are The Future."

We do it all for the kids. What future would we like them to have?

A better than good education. Ability to compete successfully. Ability to lose gracefully when success doesn't happen. Support for any crippledness that hinders their ability to compete.

We would like for children to know the fullness of life. To be all they can be. To know the universe.

We would like to give them all that we can.

We have hurt the children lately, hurt their future, cut the music and the art classes out of their curriculum so we could have money for the war. Now the money has been spent and the war has been lost and maybe we could get back to taking care of the children.

We could give health care to all children with what we spend on war.

We could pay teachers rightly and so ensure that we only hire the best.

We could do this, not only for our own, but for all the children in the world.

With the world's help. If we try.

We are the world.


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