Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Are We Already Fighting China For Iran?

We have threatened Iran publicly. We have gotten the UN to sanction them. We have assembled a massive army in the country next door. We have moved aircraft carriers within striking range. Iran has oil.

We have made it in Iran's interest to keep us tied down in Iraq as long as possible. So long as our troops are kept busy there, they will be less likely to set foot in Iran.

Iran recently signed a big oil deal with China. Hundreds of billions of dollars. If we do anything that affects that deal, we will hear from China.

They are already selling down their large stash of American dollars. If we give them reason to sell it down faster, the dollar would drop through the floor and even the cheap stuff in Walmart would cost a mint.

If that doesn't keep our ravenous paws off their oil partner, Iran, they can start shooting down our spy satellites when they fly over Chinese airspace. As they have just now shown by shooting down one of their own.

Are we already encouraging China to keep us so busy in Iraq that it takes our minds off Iran and its oil?

Are we already fighting China for Iran?


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