Thursday, November 09, 2006

When Will The Red Cross Visit Our Secret Prisons?

One service the Red Cross performs in fulfillment of the Geneva Conventions is to visit every prisoner of war now and then. The Red Cross reports to the government of the country holding the prisoner about any mistreatment.

Obviously, for Abu Ghraib to have occurred, either their visits were blocked or their reports were ignored.

In October they visited our prison at Guantanamo and interviewed the 14 major detainees who had been held at our "Dark Side" secret prisons. Some had been severely tortured.

When will they visit the secret prisons?

When will their reports be made public to the American people, the real rulers of America?

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Addendum. Here are some links:

Seventy to ninety percent are arrested by mistake:
100 terrorist suspects are still being held:
The government is trying to keep detainees from having access to lawyers
CIA seeks to keep their history of torture secret:
Rumsfeld and Rice block ICRC access to secret detainees. (Rumsfeld is gone!)
Amnesty documents it:
Google finds more: "Red Cross" visit "secret prisons"


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