Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Soon Can We Say "NU-CLEAR" Again?

As one of his hilbilly proof-of-purchase seals, Mr. Bush, who presently occupies the Presidency, habitually mispronounces the word "nuclear" as "nucular".   He gives it the idiot's pronounciation.  We were taught not to do this.  In grade school.  In 1952.

Bush has no difficulty saying "unclear".  He doesn't say "uncular".  He has a degree from Yale. They teach their students how to pronounce "nuclear" clearly.  His affected pronunciation "nucular" is a curiosity about the man.  

Just as kowtowing yes-men do their best to color-match their leader's choice in neckties, so have many voices in the last six years echoed their leader's verbal affectation.  "Nucular" has been heard at the highest levels, said on TV news by people who are otherwise well-informed.

But now the sycophants are falling away, doing their best to wash their hands of the blood of a war that went wrong.  How long before they distance themselves from the country-boy affectations of their failing leader?

How soon will they begin choosing proof of their own intelligence over a litmus of loyalty?  

How soon will they begin to say "nuclear" again?


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