Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Stay The Course" Is History

First we stay the course. Then we cut and run. It's all so simple.

It's important to stay the course. That way, the enemy won't decide to wait us out. If he knew we were thinking of cutting and running, he'd just rest on his evil haunches until we were out of sight and then he'd wreak havoc on Americans. Such has been the thinking.

Mr. Bush, who has spoken often about how his war of adventure in Iraq will outlive his residency in the presidency, may have a disappointment coming. He had hoped to be able to pin a retreat from Iraq on a Democratic successor. Now it appears that a retreat may need to occur sooner, on his own watch.

The Baker commission has determined that a victory is not possible. Congressmen who were parroting "Stay The Course" in unison last June have been told to change their song. The government is considering 8 options for exit, none very appealing. Sever and Scram. Split and Segue. Retreat to Afghanistan. Stay out of trouble. Stay home.

As one bright light observed in a comment on Josh Marshall's blog,
"Isn't it interesting that now, just before the elections, Bush is choosing to cut and run from his pat phrase "stay the course?"
"Stay The Course" has just been shot down.


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