Monday, October 16, 2006

People Of The Lie Blindsided By The Info Age

Why does the Information Age hate America?

It used to be that so long as lies were consistent, they were truths. If what you said stuck together and was believeable, it was the truth. Now, people find a little fact here and do a little analysis there, and you can't make things up without being made a fool.

Doesn't stop some fools from trying, though.

Back in the days of Hopalong Cassidy comic books, author M. Scott Peck wrote a book called "The Road Less Travelled" about the good side of humanity. Then he wrote "People Of The Lie" about the bad side.

Hoppy wore a white hat, which made it easy to see who the good guy was. It was a visual communication, and it didn't require thought. Now the bad guys wear white hats.

From a review by someone named "A. Gathercoal" in the Amazon listing for "People Of The Lie,"
" "Evil is the exercise of power, the imposing of one's will upon others by overt or covert coercion". "The core of evil is ego-centricity, whereby others are sacrificed rather than the ego of the individual."

These words and the following analysis that Scott Peck gives us into the world of evil are sorely needed now in America. At the heart of our political and moral meltdown is the force of evil. According to Dr. Peck (psychology) ego-centric persons are utterly dedicated to preserving their self-serving image. They cultivate an image of being a good, right, God-fearing citizens. They specialize in self-deceit and thus are People of the Lie.

Scott Peck is best known for his famed book The Road Less Traveled where Peck argues that there is a link between personal growth, spirituality, and basic mental health. In People of the Lie Scott, Peck see evil as the antithesis to the very goodness and life that normal, healthy people seek. He writes this book to raise the awareness that evil exists as an entity and force in the world and calls his readers to take evil far more seriously."
Some people lie just because they can. By not limiting their words to the truth, they become instantly more powerful. Lies score more babes than truths. Scoring matters most for these people.

Some people have no sense for what is, in fact, true. Perhaps they were always lied to and given passed-along gifts. Some people know no happiness more profound than satisfaction because they have lied to themselves about the possibilities and accepted mere satisfaction as their goal in life.

Since you can't fool all the people all the time, a liar is sooner or later kept busy trying to plug all the holes in his story. The liar builds his house on a pile of poop and the rains come tumbling down.

Surround yourself with liars and you won't be well-informed. Do it in the information age, and everyone will know. An addiction to liars is not a state secret.

People who enjoy being evil are missing the point. Lies don't work in the information age.

Time to enjoy being good. Truly.


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