Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Disappearing Act

At a grave moment full of down faces with even the usually ebullient Attorney General turning grey as perhaps he contemplated the flames reaching toward him from below, Mr. Bush, who presently occupies the office of the President, signed our sacred civil rights off the book.

He signed a law, given him by a curiously pliable Congress, that lets him imprison anyone anywhere in the world without maintaining any public account of it and hold them forever.

He can torture them using any method to be determined later.

If a detainee dies, then what? Who is to know?

Our government can now "disappear" people, just like a South American dictatorship. But not just our own citizens. ANY person we decide is an "enemy combatant" can be disappeared.

We presently detain people we know not to be guilty of anything. We do not release them, because we do not want their stories of our torturing them told. Arresting them was a mistake, but we had to torture them to discover this.

Will we erase our mistakes?


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