Monday, October 23, 2006

Are Treaties Broken By The New Military Tribunals?

Can we really grab any person anywhere in the world and jail them secretly forever without breaking a treaty or two?

Don't other countries have to approve of our taking of their citizens? This McClatchy News article implies that our reach may exceed our grasp.

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 10/20/2006 | Opinions vary on constitutionality of tribunal compromise law

We have extradition treaties of long standing with many countries. If we have now decided that we can independently capture, hold, and torture any country's citizens on our whim alone, then are we preparing to violate those treaties?

We have military treaties with the same countries. Does our default on the extradition treaties imperil our military treaties? Will the people of other countries stand for this? Already the governments of Spain and Italy have changed leaders, moving from right to left, and Tony Blair's British government may do it in the spring. If we implement our detention policies, will our bases still be welcome?

Other countries that are democratically ruled may not like to have their citizens snatched willy-nilly.


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