Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Does E-Mail Hate America?

The title for this posting was taken from a comment in this entry by Kevin Drum in the Washington Monthly blog.

Kevin brings to the surface of the pond a couple of e-mails between Jack Abramoff and friends at the White House. Abramoff had apparently sent the e-mail to the pager of Susan Ralston an old employee of his now working for Karl Rove. He thought it would stay private to her.

Susan forwarded Jack's e-mail to Ruben (Intergovernmental Affairs), he bounced it to Jen Farley (who got tickets to see Yanni from Abramoff), she read it to Kevin Ring, who e-mailed Jack a reply. Kevin mentioned in his e-mail to Jack that Jen had said that it was probably not a good idea for Jack to "put this stuff in writing in their email system because it might actually limit what they can do to help us, especially since there could be lawsuits, etc."

Jack responded with a curse and a statement that he had sent the message to Susan's pager.

The fact that Kevin Ring had just e-mailed about not e-mailing slid right by them both.

Anyway, there are great comments. Such as...

"If only he'd written "ixnay on the iting-wray," Ambramoff would be a free man today.

Why does email hate America?"

"He who lives by the Blackberry - dies by the Blackberry".


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