Saturday, September 23, 2006

When Christians Torture You

When Christians torture you, tell them they are forgiven. Say "I forgive you." Say "I pray that God forgives you." Say "Amen."

Pray to God in their faces to forgive them. Pray to their ancestors to forgive them, pray that their children will forgive them. Christ forgave, you can, too. Pray in English.

Praying for them puts you above them. They are not praying for you!

The harder they hit you, pray the harder inwardly for their salvation. Put their own energy into their return to God and Godliness. Pray that God find his way to them.

Forgive them as they hurt you, and you give them back their souls.

God will love you for it.


Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

On the other hand, when Islamic people torture you, say "Inshallah". This means "May it be the will of God".

They are very big on the will of God.

9:26 AM, September 24, 2006  

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