Saturday, September 09, 2006

Totaliterrorism and Totaliterrimperialism

Totalitarian terrorism.

From George Soros' new page:

"Terrorism – It’s Little Known Causes & Effects

We have killed more innocent civilians in Iraq than the terrorists killed on 9/11. In addition to killing, we have also humiliated and tortured many Iraqis. By creating innocent victims, we have advanced the terrorists’ cause. They can now depict us as the terrorists and enlist the support of their countrymen, just as President Bush has enlisted ours. We find this difficult to understand because we cannot envision ourselves as terrorists. Yet, that is exactly how we appear to many Iraqis.

The Bush administration and its imitators—many foreign governments have been eager to follow its lead—insist that a state cannot commit acts of terror. That contention must be challenged."


"Totalitarian" government was defined by Hannah Arendt in 1951 as government by fear. She pointed to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia as examples. Systems with one-party rule. Iraq under the Baathists - Saddam's Iraq - might be considered a more recent example, as might any other one-party rule in the world today.

It's a government thing, totalitarianism is.

This doesn't prevent Mr. Bush from calling the Islamist terrorists "totalitarian", even though they have no government as such, but are pretty much "ad hoc" groups that form and last for a moment or two around a charismatic leader. He really should use the word "authoritarian". They are not governments.

When a government does the kinds of things terrorists do - blow up bridges in neighboring countries to punish civilians for electing the wrong government, for example - that is totalitarian terrorism. Totaliterrorism. They are attempting to rule their neighbors by fear.

When a country tries to rule the world through totaliterrorism, what can that be called?

When everyone who wants to end a war is against the war and is an enemy, and every country that does not support the war becomes an enemy country?



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