Friday, September 29, 2006

Anthrax In The News

Time to stock up on Cipro and mail in your ballot. Anthrax is once again making its way into the headlines, with more and more stories appearing as election day approaches.

First there was a story to the effect that after five years, our emergency medicine supplies are still unready for an anthrax attach.

Then there was a story about how, after five years, the FBI has determined that the anthrax powder used in the post-9/11 attacks was not professionally made.

Three days ago, someone sent a white powder in the mail to newscaster Keith Olbermann - the one who's been most dramatically asking the government to get real - and Rupert Murdoch's New York Post broke a self-imposed FBI silence to report the story (they made it into a funny, but - they broke the silence).

One wonders how many other self-imposed FBI silences there are. It's awfully quiet.

Consider how the news that our forces in Iraq are being attacked a hundred times a day, once every fifteen minutes, has been kept from us.

Systems break down, rain happens. Get Cipro. Vote now.


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