Saturday, August 19, 2006

Truth Is Quicker Than The Sword

What goes around, comes around faster and faster these days.

At a campaign speech last Friday, August 11th, in Breaks, Virginia, where he is running for re-election, Senator George Allen called the one person of color in the audience a "makaka". This curious word demanded immediate investigation.

"Makaka" is demeaning. It is used among American white racists as a pejorative. It is a code word. Was Allen trying to re-assure his white audience that he was still a good ole' boy?

Mr. Sidarth, the person of color and a native of Virginia, who had introduced himself to Mr. Allen the week before, had been filming Allen's every public moment for Allen's opponent.

To compound his error, Allen then said "Welcome to America". Allen should have known Sidarth was born in Virginia, and probably did. He said it right into the camera as Sidarth was videotaping him. Oops.

The stumble exploded into a kerfluffle and by the end of the week, pundits had concluded that Allen had tossed into the gutter his chances at a bid for the Presidency. Welcome to America, Senator Allen.

Swift and sure.


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