Sunday, April 23, 2006

One Nation Among Many

One nation among many.

At the end of the Clinton presidency, America was poised to become the leader of the world. As the one remaining superpower, it could have dominated all further development. Now it has thrust its sword into the sand and the sand has turned to rock, and America has been drained until it is just one nation among many.

Other nations conspire together to seize control. Every nation's agenda is expressed through a web of alliances and coalitions.

The boundary is not what it used to be back when we ruled the world. When we now indulge in brazen bullying, it invites other nations to strangle us. We notch up the rhetoric and they notch up the price of oil.

An endless war against the world is not an option any more.

If we get really bad, the boundaries on our power will collapse to our borders, and we will have to solve our problems internally, as smaller countries do.

Evil is self-limiting.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the current leadership that so many actions are taken or even suggested with no regard to their possible consequences. This is the clinical definition of madness.

Will the Pope let us keep Aviano if we nuke Iran? Will Ireland let us continue to land our military flights? The lifelines to our troops could be cut. They may need to come home anyway, to guard our open borders against the Silkworm shoulder-fired missle importers, the build-a-dirty-bomb clubs, and the anthrax maniacs.

An inability to listen to the views of others ensures failure.

Once again, the power of democracy at work.


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