Monday, March 27, 2006

Welcome to Peaceful Freedom

This blog hopes to explore the peaceful pathways to freedom. While the United States seems intent on spreading freedom by military methods, those may soon fall by the wayside, as they are not economical. What will replace them?

India was freed from Britian's rule by Gandhi's path of peace. Nonviolent resistance is hard to resist! Of course, the British could have shot him, but what then? Would they rather have had chaos? Or have had to put up with a nice, friendly man asking for freedom for his people? Gandhi's path is called Satyagraha.

The peaceful path recognizes the humanity of the aggressor. It seeks a mutual win. It believes that God's soul is in the person of the aggressor, waiting there in hopes of new understandings. The peaceful path wins by evolving the aggressor.

The peaceful path does not need to deny the negative - it affirms the positive.

More on this as life develops.


Anonymous Ric said...

Dear Peaceful Freedom,
You are preaching to the choir.
Congratulations on your Blog.
Some of what you write reminds me of that promise to peacemakers for they shall be called the "sons of God."
Just remember what your mother and grandmothers told you when you went out to play---put on your mittens, pull down your stocking cap to cover your ears, don't slosh in the ice water and get your shoes wet, and be careful not to get hit by a car.
God bless.

5:26 PM, April 14, 2006  

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